Lake Okanagan Swim

The Record

The record I am trying to break is a Guinness World Record official title. Only one person has completed the feat to date. It consists of a wetsuit swim, 106km, from the left arm of Lake Okanagan by the city of Vernon, to the complete other side of the lake, finishing in a city called Penticton. The current record is set at 40 hours 57 minutes and 11 seconds by a man named Adam Ellenstein who completed the feat in 2016. My goal is to complete it sub 40 hours. I plan to attempt the record the week of September 4th-11th. The record itself will hopefully be less than 40 hours, but I am waiting until closer to the actual date to decide an exact day of departure based off of ideal weather and conditions. My goal is to start the attempt on the 4th of September if the conditions are good, but will postpone it a couple of days until the weather clears if it is bad weather on the 4th.

Click the logo above to view the current record on Guinness’ website

I will have a support team consisting of two motorized boats sponsored by Aqua Marine Valet (that I will never touch or get in), two kayaks (one for me to sight off and one to help shuttle food and drink back and forth from the motor boats to me. I will not be touching or holding onto the kayaks), as well I will have witnesses in the boats that will observe the entirety of the swim. I plan to track the swim with a GPS watch as well as a GPS satellite phone that will be pulled behind me by a pull buoy (which I will never hold onto or use as support, strictly there to house the satellite phone), an around the clock camera and footage proving that I never left the water, as well as detailed notes of split times per each km and the GPS coordinates that I was at that very time. 

I will be untouched for the entirety of the swim, I want to stress this. I will have a support crew, but will not be touched or helped by anyone directly. I will be the one in the water and will not leave it until I have swum the length of the lake.

This record is meaningful to me because as I have gotten older my focus has shifted from external competition to internal competition and seeing how far I can push myself personally. I am blessed to have been gifted a healthy body and athletic abilities and I plan to use them to create good in whatever ways I can. The lake has been something that I have looked at or been in since I moved to Kelowna four years ago, and the tantalizing thought of conquering it using nothing but my physical and mental abilities, with no direct assistance, is very attractive to me.

At the end of the attempt, a record may have fallen, or a record may still stand, no finish is ever guaranteed. That being said, if I leave that water it means something serious has happened, because I am not stopping until the job is done.

Partners for the swim