Through my experiences ranging a wide variety of disciplines, I have been able to curate and hone my mental skills & self motivation. I’ve reached a place where I am confident in my abilities to share the key factors that make me successful throughout all the endeavours that I pursue.

Speaking presentation includes:

  • Goal setting & tangible progress management
  • Visualization training
  • Gratitude training & self talk
  • Failure analysis / accountability training
  • Motivation breakdown
  • Mental skills that can be universally applied to all disciplines in life

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“Organized and insightful, Nick took our group on a journey that detailed a path for success. He used colourful stories from his own personal adventures to provide our group with ways that they could make real change in their own lives. We got so much great information out of the session that our student-athletes engaged in a great conversational review of the key messages after Nick was done presenting. As the leader of the group, I took three pages of notes to continue implementation of his principles as we move toward our season.”

Miki Kawahara, Head Baseball Coach, National Sport Academy

“I have had the fortunate pleasure of having Nick Pelletier, an alumni from Okanagan College’s business program, come into my class several times to speak to my current students. Nick never hesitates to make himself available, and his presentation is a fantastic way to start the course. He is willing to share his personal struggles and triumphs, to provide vivid and inspiring stories that captivate the students, and to inspire them through his own pursuits. Nick pushes the students to think beyond themselves, about what their own social impact will be and in doing so, provides a call to action for what is possible. What a fantastic role model Nick has become for our students, and I will continue to invite him into the classroom to spread his message.”

 Dr. Kyleen Myrah, Professor, Okanagan School of Business, Okanagan College

The first guest speaker, Nick Pelletier, especially solidified how attainable social impact is. His testimony as an inspired OC alumni student lead to raise funds through endurance and extreme adventure exemplifies how social change does not need to be complicated. He is one man, using his passion to better the lives of others through BrainTrust Canada. At the beginning of this course I questioned how I would be able to apply social entrepreneurship to my life right now. After all, I lack capital and time; two things I presumed one would need a lot of to start a social enterprise. However, Nick taught me that with a clear vision and perseverance you can fuel social change at any stage of life. I am now inspired to use my photography skills to serve my community and promote society/environmental change.

Adrienne Nelson, 4th Year Business Student, Okanagan College