Pelletier for POP

While taking a Social Entrepreneurship class at Okanagan College, I was introduced to a not-for-profit organization called “Pencils of Promise” (POP). This organization builds schools internationally and provides quality, sustainable education for children who are impoverished and in need. They operate in Laos, Ghana, Guatemala, & Nicaragua and have built 514 schools to date (October 2019).


The cost to provide quality education to one child for one year is $75USD; $10,000USD to build a classroom in one of their schools, and just over $25,000USD to build a whole school (depending on the location and the immediate needs of the people). POP has private donors who cover the operational costs of their organization so 100% of donations received go directly to these children in need. If you would like to find out more about Pencils of Promise you can visit their website HERE, or read founder Adam Braun’s story of how the organization came to be in his book The Promise Of A Pencil“.


I have set a goal for myself to contribute to this organization as I believe in their mandate and business model. In mid September 2019, I hope to raise $25000USD for one of the planned POP schools. I plan to raise this money by completing a 3700 mile road cycling ride across the United States, from San Francisco, California to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. My ride will be unassisted, meaning that I will be completing it solo.

Upon completion of this ride I am planning to travel to the location (Laos, Ghana, Guatemala, or Nicaragua) in which the money I have raised will best benefit the building of a school, and help build the school to completion with the local workers and the POP team.

take action

If you are in a position to make a financial donation to help improve the lives of these children, I would be grateful. If you are not able to make a monetary donation, I would ask that you share the word of my mission with those whom you feel might be interested. Please leave your name if you decide to donate as I will be keeping track of the names of each and every donor. With the local children in the village where the school will be built, I plan to paint all the donors’ names on a wall of the new school. That way, every day that they get to go to class, the students will be able to recognize the real heroes who provided them with a quality education and a safe place to learn. As a bonus, I will be placing the names of every one who donates (no matter the amount) into a draw for a prize. I will draw a winner upon completion of my ride.

All donations received will be going directly to Pencils of Promise for them to implement in whichever way they see fit. Whether that be towards the building of a POP school, quality & sustainable education for these children, or the POP WASH program, which you can find more about HERE. The money raised is no way going towards me or the funding of my bike trip, as I am covering operational costs myself along with local sponsors. I have been in contact with “Pencils of Promise” and they have approved of and are endorsing my fundraising efforts.

I truly believe with a large support group, we will be able to make a lasting impact in these children’s lives. I hope that you will remember the impact that an education and a social setting like school made in your life, and will seriously consider making a donation of any amount. Where as it won’t go too far here, that money has the opportunity to change a life if you enable it to.

If you would like to donate, you can do so by visiting my Pencils of Promise fundraising page HERE, or clicking the donate box. You can keep up to date on my activity leading up to the departure date, as well as live tracking and updates during the ride HERE.