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Day 14 – Green River, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado (161km)
Day 13 – Emery, Utah to Green River, Utah (114km)
Day 12 – Salina, Utah to Emery, Utah (80km)
Day 11 – Delta, Utah to Salina, Utah (112km)
Day 10 – The Border Inn, Nevada/Utah Border to Delta, Utah (145km)
Day 9 – Ely, Nevada to The Border Inn, Nevada/Utah Border (109km)
Day 8 – Eureka, Nevada to Ely, Nevada (124km)
Day 7 – Austin, Nevada to Eureka, Nevada (111km)
Daily Updates
Day 6 – Fallon, Nevada to Austin, Nevada (175km)
Day 5 – Carson City, Nevada to Fallon, Nevada (139km)
Day 4 – Strawberry, California to Carson City, Nevada (82km)
Day 3 – El Dorado Hills, California to Strawberry, California (105km)
Day 2 – Fairfield, California to El Dorado Hills, California (134km)
Day 1 – San Francisco, California to Fairfield, California (144km)