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As I am going through the process of this fundraising endeavour, I have realized that I may have set my sights too low as far as a goal. I am going to adjust my goal from $10000USD to $25000USD, aiming for $10000 of the dollars raised before I leave on the trip, and the additional $15000USD raised while on the ride itself. I thank you all for the support so far and I am looking forward to reaching this goal with the help of you all!

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Wash Program

Along with the funding of education and the building of schools, POP has a Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) program that they aim to include in every school. WASH is interconnected within POP’s framework, and go hand-in-hand with the physical building of the school & the delivery of quality education.

The funds I raise, along with going towards quality education & the building of a school, will go towards building and integrating the WASH program into the POP school and community in which the school will be placed.

Some more information on WASH: 443 million school days are lost each year because of water and sanitation-related diseases (UNDP). Through POP’s, WASH Program, they provide children with access to clean water, private bathrooms, and good hygiene practices to foster the growth and development of students. POP believes that providing safe, clean infrastructure, coupled with knowledge on hygiene behavior are essential for keeping kids healthy, happy and in school.
Their WASH program is two-fold, they have both workshops, where hygiene and sanitation lessons are brought to educate students, teachers, and communities on healthy sanitation behaviors. Each WASH Workshop is tailored to the local context, based on community-need and pre-existing infrastructure, access to a clean water source and community knowledge. Those programs include; 

  • Monitoring & Evaluation teams observing student behaviors twice a year
  • Teacher WASH training sessions are conducted at least twice every school year
  • Student WASH Club induction sessions are conducted once every school year
  • Student WASH Club activities are held every month

Additionally, POP provides WASH infrastructure, through a partnership with the community and some external players. WASH infrastructure could include any/all of the things listed below; 

  • Soap provided for handwashing stations
  • Lifestraw Community water filters that have a total capacity of 50L and filter water at a rate of approximately 12L/hour (Ghana and Laos)
  • ONIL water filters have a total capacity of 20L and filter water at a rate of approximately 2L/hour (Guatemala)

If you would like more information on the WASH program I encourage you to check out the WASH section on POP’s website which can be found HERE, or by clicking the photo/link above.